Size Chart

Available Sizes:

Please see insole measurements when choosing your size.
Insole measurements are made with a 1/4 inch of room to the end of the toe line.


Size S (Small) - up to 12 months- Fits up to 4.75 inches
Size M (Medium) - up to 18 months- Fits up to 5.25 inches
Size L (Large) - up to 24 months- Fits up to 6 inches



Size Small (Socks) - 4.25 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, 1.5 inches high
Size Medium (Socks) - 4.5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, 1.75 inches high
Size Large (Socks) - 4.75 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, 2 inches high



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