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Innovative and hassle-fee, Skidders unique footwear products are simply amazing!

Skidders line of innovative products has grown immensely since starting in 2008. With safety at the core of Skidders unique line of gripper footwear products, the brand is crafted to fit a family’s active lifestyle with a range of socks and shoes that are safe, comfortable, versatile, and stylish.

Skidders Footwear made their debut with the original Skidders Shoe - a patented children's shoe that features a soft flexible rubber outsole that provides enhanced traction indoors and outdoors. The machine-washable shoes were an instant hit with parents who loved the added protection and easy pull-on and pull-off capability. Next, the New York-based company decided to create a ‘true’ gripper sock. Unlike the typical grip socks with little dots on the bottom, Skidders developed and launched the original Skidders Sock, featuring a fully fused gripper bottom for maximum traction on hardwood and tile floors.

The response from parents has been great .The Skidders.com web shop has become a favorite destination for Moms shopping for their kids and the positive feedback has been amazing.

The response to popular demand has led to over 200,000 fans on Skidders Facebook page, and over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Today, Skidders products are sold in multiple countries and across the United States. As Skidders Footwear continues to grow, we remain focused on innovative products that improve and nurture a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle for both the mother and their children. The full collection can be viewed on our website SKIDDERS.com.

Skidders Shoes - Pediatricians and podiatrists agree that a baby's first walking shoes should be flexible, thin and lightweight. The child should be able to feel the ground underneath the foot. The original Skidders Shoes provide added benefits using a soft rubber outsole for enhanced traction indoors on wood and tile floors, and also durable for outdoor use and at the playground. Furthermore, the knit upper allows kids to dress themselves without the hassle of laces or Velcro straps, giving them the confidence to be independent.

Pediatricians and podiatrists also agree that the shoes should fit snugly around the child's foot but still be comfortable. Skidders shoes are extremely comfortable and snug. With over 200,000 fans on Facebook and Instagram, we have heard compliments from mothers saying that their kids love their Skidders and it truly helped with child development. That makes us proud!

Skidders Socks - Children need to be safe when running around a house with wood and smooth tile flooring. The Skidders gripper sock collection provides enhanced traction to prevent slipping and falling. Our innovative grip socks are unlike any other socks on the market because safety is our main focus. Other companies put simple dots on the sock bottom and claim them as non-slip. We don't agree! At Skidders footwear, we make real gripper socks that are soft, comfortable and truly non-slip.

Falls are the #1 injury in the home and can be prevented. If you're going to walk around your home, especially if you have wood or smooth tiles floors, your child should have products with non-slip bottoms. At Skidders, we make Gripper Footwear to provide enhanced traction and safety. Our gripper socks have durable treads with full coverage, while also making sure the fit is comfortable and secure.

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