When was Skidders founded?
Skidders was founded back in 2008 by a father and mother who saw their first child, Jimmy, slip in the house one too many times. Since then we've had millions of happy customers.

What are Skidders?
Skidders are a unique collection of gripper footwear products. Our grip shoes are truly one-of-a-kind and boast multiple design and utility patents. And our grip socks are some of the only True gripper socks on the market. But most importantly, Skidders is a brand that cares about the safety of children everywhere. We are on a mission to stop babies from slipping!

How do I wash my Skidders?
Simply, pop them in the washing machine before bed (using cold water) and let them dry flat so your little one can keep enjoying their fresh and clean pair. Easy enough?

How do I know what size to buy?
Refer to our Size Guide for all your sizing needs.

What is a True Grip Sock?
A True grip sock is one that looks like this. Unlike the typical grip socks with little dots on the bottom, Skidders developed and launched the original Skidders Sock, featuring a fully fused gripper bottom for maximum traction on hardwood and tile floors.

Why are Skidders ideal for first walkers?
Skidders are ideal for first walkers for a few reasons. Number one, they feature an incredibly flexible rubber sole. It is soft so that your baby’s range of foot and ankle motion isn’t limited. Number two, all our materials are lightweight making it even easier to take those first steps. Number three, our embossed pattern on the bottom of the sole prevents slipping. Lastly, a cushioned insole makes our grip shoes extremely comfortable- kids never want to take them off! Skidders grip shoes are consistently the #1 choice by moms when searching for their child’s first pair.



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